Celebrities x CryptoPunks

The new digital collectible is here!

What are PopMasks?

PopMasks are digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain as NFTs.
Each one is a 512x512 pixel image of a celebrity and each one is unique.

Each celebrity can appear only up to 3 times on PopMasks:
once with a mono-color plain background (common),
once with a gradient background (uncommon),
and once with an animated starry or rainbow background (rare).

This ensures collectability and scarcity.

Where to buy PopMasks?

PopMasks can be bought on OpenSea either directly from us or from the secondary market.

Should I buy a PopMask?

If you're a fan of a particular celebrity, most definitely! PopMasks are a great way to start collecting digital assets.
If you're experienced in NFTs and have already a sizeable collection, PopMasks will be a great addition too.
We care about transparency and collectability, having a background in physical trading card games.

Who will appear on PopMasks?

We want to present a diverse international crowd of celebrities:
from the richest people on Earth to presidents, YouTubers and people famous for their art or science.

Who are we?

We are creators of AIA, Artificial Intelligence Art, and huge fans of NFTs and decentralized solutions.

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P.S. This is volume 2 of PopMasks. You can find the 1st version here.
We won't repeat any images from the 1st version because we care for the collectors.